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GOING to an art show, or even trying to practice art, isn’t really top on the list of ‘things to do’ for many people. And that’s a shame, because art has a lot to offer, for people of all ages and classes. In fact recent studies argue that the homo sapiens were more advanced than the Neanderthals, because they painted on the walls of their caves, which made them better hunters. Furthermore, one could also argue, that what made Ancient Greece so great in part, was the fact that this civilization had a special place for the arts in general, developing them in many ways, which helped the Ancient Greeks also flourish. Here are 15 reasons why you should consider the benefits of getting involved with art in one way or another. Maybe it’s time you got creative too:

1) Art is good for your heart: Unlike going to the cinema, when you go to an art show, you get to see something visually stimulating whilst walking around, and not whilst sitting and munching popcorn/sweets. It is an active visual experience.

2) Art makes you smart: Because understanding art involves brain exercises and emotions of all sorts. It is both good for IQ and EQ.

3) Art is creation: Research has shown we need to exercise our creativity more. Art can do that – either by practicing it, or viewing it. Art can stimulate your creativity, and help you develop ideas in many other fields: in your career, in your studies, in your business.

4) Art is life: It reflects our world, and helps us understand it, via its own different perspectives/probings/renditions of our existence.

5) Art is a language – a visual language – that can be learnt. The more languages you know, the better. And it is an evolving language – just look at the difference between contemporary art and more traditional forms of art.
6) Art is enlightening, like reading a good book, listening to music, going to a good concert or theatrical performance.
7) Art can be both relaxing and uplifting, because it is therapeutic: Heard of art therapy? Why not try it.
8) Art is a great hobby: Following in the footsteps of Winston Churchill’s passion for painting, George W. Bush also learnt to paint – in 5 years he had mastered it! Plus, it has some advantages in comparison to other more athletic hobbies – it is something that you can pursue throughout your life.
9) Have you noticed how many artists die at a ripe old age? (Just take a look at Monet here). Maybe it can help you live longer too, because art is a great stress reliever and anti-depressant.
10) Fine artists are like gurus (try speaking to one). Fine Art is the highest of the art forms. For many, the process of art is meditative.
11) And for the sociable people out there, art show inaugurations are a great place to have a glass of wine, to mingle and meet people (whilst enjoying some art of course)…
12) …And it’s even ok to turn up on your own. (Or go to a show alone): Art is for everyone.
13) Art is a great investment – the richest people around the planet invest in it.
14) But even if you can’t invest in art (or don’t want to), it’s enough to just enjoy it…
15) …Because above all, art is a great experience.


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